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VoiceTap – Connect to Experts Over Voice

How many times have you searched for an answer and Google was of no help? Even after hours on web, the need to talk to an expert about academic courses, about a physics problem, about SEO, about a holiday destination has always been there. Voicetap (earlier coverage) is one such platform for information seekers to talk directly to experts over phone.

Connecting to an expert over phone on VoiceTap is a 3 step process: voicetap

1. SMS your query keywords to 92121 48888. eg: “Startup bangalore”
2. Voicetap sends you an SMS with a set of available experts and phone number.
3. Call on the number. Listen to recorded profiles and connect with expert of your choice.

The service is completely free as of now, apart from the normal call rates that you need to pay to operator. The service is also available on Chat bot. Add “getafixx@voicetap.in” to your gtalk and you are ready to go.

VoiceTap is only an enabling platform and does not have any inhouse experts as such. Though, the value of the platform lies in its content(experts) only and they have tied up with the likes of CareerLauncher, Locus Education, NIIT, Aptech, Trustline etc. for getting initial set of ‘experts’ on board. For the partners this can be an additional media for lead generation and gaining visibility.

Though leads generation can be one of the ways of monetizing the platform but i believe they will not get into sponsors/ads model as that not only adds noise but also decreases credibility of a platform where adviser might be the sponsor also. They do have plans of enabling transactions during the conversation where in the expert could ask for a nominal fee from the information seeker for the advice and VoiceTap would make a cut.

The product in the current state is neatly done and connects seamlessly. I believe they have a decent set of experts already as I found my answers for the couple of times that I tried the service. The team is still playing with the platform and testing out various implementations including IVRS based menus instead of search. The use of both SMS and voice seems a little tedious though, wonder if they can implement voice based search. Asking for too much?

Do give the service a spin and let us know your ‘expert’ views. They are currently running a referral contest also.

Aside, check out a QnA service startupqna.com that has taken a ‘answer by expert’ route (they are currently running a contest as well).

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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