VoiceTap lets you Talk to Experts

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VoiceTap lets you Talk to Experts

“Last minute tips and tricks on how to crack CAT? What really attracts investors in a business at various stages? ” – these are the kind of questions one typically has and the most credible reply should come from experts in that field.

VoiceTap lets you speak and interact with the experts who have “made it” – the USP being the fact that this expert‘s knowledge/advice is not available anywhere else.

Mumbai based startup has co-founders from diverse background and the team has roped in few experts like IIT JEE 3rd ranker, an angel investor, CA, management consultant, INSEAD alumni etc.

The product is in alpha stage and is expected to go beta shortly.

There are a few candid questions to Voicetap team – are you a platform or a consumer service?

If you are a service that provides expert help on selected topic, beware that even Google’s attempt to scale it’s expert QnA didn’t work (they shut it down few years back) and in general, there is a thin margin between seeking information vs. knowledge (one of the most commented post @ pluGGd.in is “Part time MBA vs. Full time MBA and comments usually are ‘Is <abc> a good B-school to get into?’ – is that seeking knowledge or information?)

The trick for Voicetap is going to be on positioning the service (after all, Rediff/other sites do organize these ‘Chat with experts’ series).

Share your opinion on Voicetap. Will you use a service like this?

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