Facebook Users get their Voice from TringMe App

Facebook has finally got it’s voice with TringMe app. Using the app, one can make voip calls from facebook as well as send/receieve Voice mail.

TringMe, Bangalore based startup has launched it’s Facebook app enabling Facebook users to make VoIP calls directly from their FB account.

App features:

Caller-ID: Unlike other VoIP solutions like Skype etc, TringMe’s Facebook application provides a way for the user to set the caller-id. All your calls and SMS will appear as if they were initiated from your real mobile. Now your friends and family can easily reply or call you back without wondering about that strange number. Neat eh?

Sending SMS directly from Facebook: To send an SMS, just type the phone number and the message in the application and you are done.Β  No need to struggle with your phone keypad anymore to send an SMS.

facebook voip calls tringme app

Voicemail: Voicemail is fully integrated in the application. Your Facebook friends and profile visitors can leave you voicemail which can be then accessed by you directly from this application anywhere in the world.

Single Account: If you already have an existing TringMe account, you can associate that account with this application.Β  Access your TringMe account call records and settings by easily associating it.

Profile Widgets: The application not only allows you to make calls and send SMS from Facebook, it also allows you to stay reachable for your friends and family. Just add the TringMe widget to your profile and your profile visitors can call or SMS you directly from there. You can choose from various TringMe widgets, live calls, voicemail or sms.

VoIP Freedom: And lastly, if you can access Facebook, you can access VoIP, irrespective of what your ISP thinks about your VoIP access πŸ™‚

And of course, you do not need to download or install anything. Do give the app (link) a spin – it’s surely worth it!

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