Startup Updates: Zook: Nokia, TringMe: SilverLight

Nokia has featured Zook application in it’s app gallery.

The Zook application featured by Nokia offers several other unique features like:
1. Phone book integration: Zook enables "search networking" by providing seamless access to your phone book. Short list a few results. Make the final decision by seeking inputs from your friends (or the Zook community). Or else, share comments/opinions with your friends and/or the whole community.
2. Location-aware search: Don’t just find a movie. Find the one closest to you that plays it. Even when your phone does not have GPS, Zook derives your approximate location and shows results around your location.
3. Proximity and Presence: Add your buddies and find out when they are online or close by. Searching for a good movie? Get feedback and recommendations from online friends. Anyone nearby? Ask them to join you for the movie! You can use this feature in several ways!
4. Custom alerts: Set personalized alerts and get free updates! View them in the application UI. – More here

VoIP over SilverLight Platform

TringMe has launched it’s VoIP product for Microsoft’s SilverLight platform. (see the demo)

“Supporting VoIP over Silverlight required us to employ a neat little trick due to the current limitation of Silverlight – Silverlight does not provide access to the microphone. The trick was to use a backdoor flash widget to access the microphone.” – More Details

More updates at Startup Press Release section.

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