From Struggling Early Days To Building A Growth Engine, Listen Up To Voonik’s Sujayath @UnPluggd

Early days were tough with no customers and sales. Voonik is now looking to grow from $80 Million GMV to $550 Million GMV and end the FY16-17 with profit.

Voonik started in 2013 with the idea of creating a new way of shopping that enables users to buy what suits their build, lifestyle, and budget.

Early days were tough with no customers and sales (read more about Voonik’s early days). There was a point when they contemplated pivoting to Saas model. But their core belief in the idea was what kept them going. Slowly, the traffic built up and sales started happening.

Today Voonik is the highest rated fashion app in India and has more than 5 million downloads.

6 months comparison

“Voonik is looking to grow from $80 Million GMV to $550 Million GMV and end the FY16-17 with profit. We want to be the number one fashion platform in India by engagement and market share and grow from 10K to 50K sellers. We should be at 90% gross margin and recover the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) in the first month itself,” said Sujayath Ali, Cofounder and CEO, Voonik.

They entered a very crowded market, but have reached this stage primarily because of their persistence, focus, a few important business decisions and of course, very timely funding support.

If you would love to know the details behind this amazing growth journey, then do join us this UnPluggd (May 6th & 7th at Park Plaza hotel, Bangalore) where Sujayath Ali, Cofounder and CEO of Voonik would be sharing the Voonik growth story.

UnPluggd Details

Date : May 6th And 7th.UnPluggd-Logo-1.png
Venue: Park Plaza hotel (Marathahalli), Bangalore
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