Voonik Acquihires Trailkart App Team To Launch Virtual Dressing Room Experience.

Voonik which recently raised $5mn in funding has acqui-hired TrialKart, the mobile platform for providing a virtual dressing room experience.

TrialKart’s core proposition dovetails perfectly with that of Voonik which is to leverage technology to offer a completely personalised shopping experience to users.

The TrialKart team will also build a new division at Voonik called ‘Image Intelligence’ which will further augment the technology backbone of the Voonik app.

The TrialKart mobile app enables users to choose any listed product and click on the ‘Try’ option to visualise how the piece of clothing or accessory would look on them. They can also zoom in, readjust and reorient the product to get a holistic picture.

“By acqui-hiring TrialKart, we will now be able to offer their virtual dressing room solution to our customers as well as enlist the expertise of their team to create the Image Intelligence division to boost the backend infrastructure for Voonik. The

TrialKart team will be a valuable addition to our technology team in redefining the fashion shopping experience.” [Voonik CEO and Co-Founder Sujayath Ali]

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