Startup VoxApp Wants to Disrupt Enterprise Survey Space; Targets FMCG and Market Researchers

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Startup VoxApp Wants to Disrupt Enterprise Survey Space; Targets FMCG and Market Researchers

Typically, FMCG enterprise surveys are extremely manual and time consuming.  FMCG companies hire a research firm whose agents currently collect the data (a questionnaire administered to the shop owner) on paper.

The results are prone to errors and the company usually gets the survey data after 45 days. This impacts planning/sales and marketing.voxapp_logo

voxapp_productMumbai based VoxApp is trying to change that with its survey platform. VoxApp enable their customer agents to carry tablets with voxapp android app. VoxApp deploys the questionnaire to the tablets and the agents fill in the details. The company has the information on same day and with high quality data (no errors/ rich data with images/ audio/ geo-location).

Plus, the VoxApp web platform has a survey scripting tool that is designed for easy scripting of complex questionnaires that reflect the needs of businesses that require decision data for sales, brand and product decisions.

VoxApp also offers the brand transparency into the collection process by sharing timestamps and geo-location data of the field agents. The product is ideally suited for market research agencies and enteprises who frequently do brand tracking/mystery shopping / ad-testing etc.

VoxApp is funded by Blume Ventures and the startup was founded in 2012 by Madhu Sudhan, formerly Principal at Pragati India Fund. The company, head-quartered in New Delhi, has completed the beta launch of its enterprise product and is currently in the process of deploying it.

Watch VoxApp cofounder, Madhu launching the product at UnPluggd, India’s biggest startup conference.

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