Take Your VPN to Cloud with CipherGraph

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Take Your VPN to Cloud with CipherGraph

As the world gets flatter with cloud services, small companies and startups need an affordable virtual private network (VPN) service that allows employees to work from anywhere, at any time and access company’s internal services like they are sitting in the office.

Today, VPN services are not geared towards SME segment owing to the challenges in setting it up and importantly, the price slab.

Bangalore based CipherGraph has launched its Cloud VPN service (beta) that enables organizations to allow people to work securely from anywhere, as if they are in the office (infrastructure).

Features of CipherGraph VPN

  • CipherGraph VPN supports Window 7, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android right out of the box with latest OS/firmware (no jailbreak/root needed)
  • Direct integration with Active Directory, LDAP for user authentication and authorization.
  • An on-box directory of users/groups that you may use for small/limited deployment in your organization.
  • Strong Access Policy: Control exactly who can use which network resource.
  • No entry Cost, Subscription Billing: There is no expensive hardware to buy upfront and get locked-in for years, the service is purely subscription based. Pay only for the capacity you use.
  • Low Maintenance & Low Investment: No physical maintenance.
  • Energy Savings : There is no hardware, your energy savings can be in several hundred dollars per year.
  • Low Down Time: Since there is no central device, the service can be managed with minimal down time. Even zero to full deployment time can be as low as five minutes.
  • Encryption: CipherGraph VPN uses Industry Standard Encryption to protect your network and resources.

In terms of setup, CipherGraph is completely hardware-free VPN service and offers enterprise class security and role-based access control, a feature SMEs surely would be gung-ho about.

As far as the founding team is concerned, the founder Jitender Sharan brings seven years of prior VPN/network security experience and specializes in enterprise class security (earlier worked at Aventail/SonicWAL).

The service is currently an invite-only and you can request an invite from here.

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