Answer this: VPS Servers in India, Sales commission structure, A/B Testing..and more Questions


Answer this: VPS Servers in India, Sales commission structure, A/B Testing..and more Questions

We launched Answers service a few days back and here are a few questions waiting for your inputs.

Chime in, share your expertise, insights and experience.

  • Sales commission for software products
    We are a young startup and one of the big challenge for us is in hiring sales guys (we are geeks ). Now that we feel the need to hire sales guys, we also would like to understand the commission structure for sales ppl. How are other startups doing this?

  • Taxation issue in ecommerce
    Can anybody tell me what are the taxation issues sorrounding ecommerce in India? We sell merchanise and ship to diff parts of the there something we need to worry about? Octroi?

  • Version control on Windows
    What software do you guys use for version control? We use SVN and given our large codebase, it doesnt scale. Any feedback on GIT?

  • GetSatisfaction vs. UserVoice
    I’d like to understand from Indian entrepreneurs on what kind of feedback service to they use? We tried Getsatisfaction as well as UserVoice, but not so comfortable with either of them (engagement happens elsewhere). Any suggestion? Any open source tool that you recommend?

  • VPS Servers in India – Are there any trused/affordable companies?
    We have heard of weird stories from Indian hosting companies (lack of support) and since our site traffic is ~80% India, I am wondering if there are any good VPS hosting companies in India. I am not looking for a simple list, but your experience/trust.

  • How to conduct A/B Testing?

    How can a desktop product conduct A/B testing, given that features are a lot complex and needs more time to develop? Any clue?

  • Payment Gateway Providers in India
    Can any one suggest a payment gateway provider. I run a online portal and want to receive online payments. Few things abt my requirements:

    1. I am expecting money in USD as well as INR
    2. Looking for some thing which has minimum upfront investment.

More Qns:

  • Is Blogging considered to be an entrepreneurial activity?
  • MTS or Reliance or Tata Photon+ ? USB Broadband Recommendation please
  • Is hiring college students as interns a good choice for startups?

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