Vringo : Set Video RingTones On Friend’s Mobile when you call them


Vringo : Set Video RingTones On Friend’s Mobile when you call them

So you want to set naughty video ringtones on your friend’s phone when you call them?

US based Vringo has launched it’s video ringtone service in India (in partnership with One97).

Vringo works by sending the content you pick to your buddies’ handsets. This all happens automatically and in the background. Neither you nor your buddies need to do anything. When you call someone from your Vringo buddy list, the Vringo application on your handsets will recognize that you two are buddies and will play the appropriate clip.

Essentially, Vringo gets into your mobile social network and sends the video ringtones only if caller and callee are connected/buddies.

Vringo works on any Internet enabled phone and also has a mobile client for supported models (source). Users can even create Vringos using their phone’s camera or pull pictures or video from existing social networks.

Vringo is surely a funky idea that can go well with the Indian hep crowd – what’s really questionable is whether we have the necessary bandwidth/infrastructure to support such apps (Vringos are uploaded and downloaded with a data connection. The better your connection and your plan, the better the application works).

Hw uncool will it be to wait for videos to show up when you receive calls?

What’s your opinion?

Vringo has raised $12mn from Warburg Pincus, a pvt. equity firm.

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