Vserv Launches Aqua Native For Seamless Integration Of Native Ads


Vserv Launches Aqua Native For Seamless Integration Of Native Ads

Mobile marketing platform Vserv has announced the launch of Vserv Aqua Native, a dynamic native ad format powered by the Vserv Smart Data platform. Vserv Aqua Native is designed to facilitate seamless experience for consumers on mobile, inclusive of ads. It displays ads that are customized as per the environment, design and layout of the app or site, hence being able to retain consumer attention and reduce ad-fatigue, which in turn leads to a higher average click-through rate (CTR) for the publisher.
Increasing consumption of content on smartphones has made native advertisements a necessity for advertisers as these ads provide a non-intrusive experience for consumers. Native ads have also been reported to provide better conversions as 25% more consumers tend to notice them. The free flowing nature of native ads effortlessly integrates marketing messages into content, without compromising on the user experience and results in better earnings.

“Vserv Aqua Native is a fluid ad format which can deliver 5760 different permutations of an ad to be displayed on the app or site. In addition to this, Vserv Aqua Native also allows the publishers to fully customize the ad based on their requirement” – Prashant Dixit, VP – Global Data & Supply Partnerships, Vserv

Vserv claims that consumer interactions via native ads result in a 4X increase in CTR thus demonstrating that users prefer an engaging experience while browsing through apps. Native ads will also comprise a larger share of the mobile display ad budget by 2017, with publishers gradually realizing the positive results that native advertising generates.

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