Facebook’s New Security Chief Wants Adobe To Kill Flash For Good

Adobe Flash has increasingly been becoming the target for cyber criminals who exploit the software’s vulnerabilities to infect a user’s PC.

Adobe Flash Logo

Just last week Adobe was forced to patch a zero-day vulnerability and the firm is already being warned of more vulnerabilities which are being exploited.

Security researchers are now looking at Adobe to end the reign of Flash, freeing the internet from its clutches, and leading that charge is Alex Stamos, Facebook’s Security Chief.

Stamos who is well respected in the developer community Tweeted that it was time for Adobe to announce the end of Flash and for browsers to end support at the same time.

He added that it could be even 18 months from now, but a date had to be set to free the Internet of the vulnerability ridden software.

Will Adobe stand up and listen? We don’t know.

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