Vysr : Get Contextual Information on the Browser

If you are a heavy user of Internet and end up browsing multiple sites to accomplish a single task, Vysr could spell a pain killer for you.

Say for example you are browsing and need to get tons of contextual information around a text, Vysr comes handy and one can find relevant info from wikiepedia, news from Google news, weather details, maps, social networks, videos, music etc.

RoamAbout, the browser plugin (for IE and FireFox) from Vysr lets you customize the app you would like to see in the browser tray.

Today, consumers are forced to browse multiple sites to accomplish a single task or are shackled to one site to use a particular service. This site-centric model limits how and where consumers can engage, interact with, and enjoy their favorite Web sites and services, including how much time they spend doing various tasks.
We solve this problem by delivering a new level of freedom for consumers to use and share any of their Web services in any browsing context – all on their own terms.

There are couple of other plugins available (e.g. yoono) and browsers like Flock are in this space, but Vysr scores an edge over it’s ability in determining the context around the text and displaying information without opening any new browser tab/window.

Couple of feature suggestions:

  • Web search app
  • Group lookup – for example, if I come across Bill Gates, fetch results from Wikipedia, and maybe LinkedIn
  • Developer API – couldn’t see the implementation of live API on the site

The key for Vysr would be to understand the intention as well and display relevant info based on the intent – otherwise a manual service like this starts losing it’s charm in due course of time.

US based Vysr has presence in Mumbai as well, has roped in Prof. Rajeev Motwani in their Board of Directors and has raised $2mn from The Sandhill Group and Battery Ventures.

Give RoamAbout a spin and do share your comments.

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