Wake up Entrepreneurs | VCs are ready to invest $100 mn

Businessweek has summarized a list of business ideas that VCs are ready to fund.

Few of the ready-to-be-funded ideas mentioned below:

Tim Draper (funded Hotmail/Skype/Overture): sees a need for new database company (flyweight/simple to use/should not be as heave as Oracle/DB2). Amount: $3 million

Vinod Khosla is ready to fund $2 million for a lithium-ion battery with five times the life of anything found in cell phones, PDAs, or cameras.

Danny Rimmer (MySQL,Skype,Last.fm) is interested in funding $2 million for new mobile search applications that, for example, depend as much on voice recognition as on text input, and would offer up everything from shopping and news headlines to driving directions and restaurant reviews with a few voice commands and keystrokes.

Jonathan Fram (funded Cranium,Gamelogic) : Ready to fund $5 million for in-dash car computer with a keyboard built into the steering wheel.

What’s amazing is that these VCs have shared their email ids too. So if you guys have what it take to build upon these ideas, get started.

Here is the complete list.

Related: CNN’s list of 12 business ideas for startups.

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