Wanna Know How to Sell to Indian SMEs? Introducing Kailash Katkar, QuickHeal Founder [UnPluggd Speaker]


Wanna Know How to Sell to Indian SMEs? Introducing Kailash Katkar, QuickHeal Founder [UnPluggd Speaker]

When we asked the community to suggest content for UnPluggd, one of the theme was around selling to SMEs. And not just selling to SMEs, but selling to Indian SMEs!Kalish Katkar

It’s far tough than what one can imagine.

But then, the market opportunity is really big for one to enter this space that do fence sitting.

So here are we : QuickHeal founder, Kailash Katkar will be speaking at the summer edition of UnPluggd.

Quickheal sells antivirus products to SMEs and before starting up QuickHeal, Kailash served as a maintenance engineer at Data Star Electronics. When Kailash’s younger brother Sanjay Katkar came up with a highly reviewed project on Computer viruses during his post grad, he encouraged him to take a step further by diversifying their core capabilities into the creation and development of antivirus solutions.

Both brothers founded Quick Heal Technologies in the year 1994 and focused solely on the in-house brand ‘Quick Heal’, creating marketing strategies and reworking on operational strengths to build a dedicated Research and Development center and a strong ground-support team that now spans over 30 cities in India (and 60 countries).

What do you want Kailash to talk about?

UnPluggd is a lot about community – and we are opening up the QnA for Kailash. Please hop to the forum and ask your question/suggest topic here.

What aspects of QuickHeal journey would you like to know? For a company that managed to sell a product to customers who were not even buying original copies of Windows, what was the sales cycle like?

Share all your queries to Kailash here.

UnPluggd Details

Date: June 8, 2013.
Venue: MLR Convention Center, Brigade Millennium Campus, 7th Phase J.P.Nagar, Bangalore – 560 0UnPluggd-Logo-1_thumb.png78.
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