Wanna spread your product like anything? [Make your product viral]

To all the entrepreneurs out there, to make a highly delicious recipe of your product, one of the very necessary ingredient is its marketing. There are many more ways, but…

To all the entrepreneurs out there, to make a highly delicious recipe of your product, one of the very necessary ingredient is its marketing. There are many more ways, but still Viral Marketing has its own taste.

In Viral Marketing, existing customers refer to their friends to use this product. This is very helpful for start-ups, because the cost of customer acquisition is very low and it cuts down the budget of Marketing.

One of the very crucial points to note in viral marketing are:

  • How many users are referring your product to their friends and how many of them actually get back to your product and become a new customer.
  • How much time will it take to for customer referred friend to get back to our product.

In YouTube after sharing any video, user’s friends can immediately come and see the videos and share with their friends also, in this case viral cycle time is low.

As David Skok says:

“Virality is not a marketing strategy that can be executed by the marketing department. It has to be built into your product right from the beginning. This is a function that needs to be thought through by the product designers and developed by the engineers”

So  in this post we look in to , how we could build our product viral right from the beginning?

Following are the few approaches to make your product viral, depending upon suitability for your product,  you can choose any of them or could combine any approaches.

1.Offer credits/coupons  for shares(Refers)  to both sender and receiver.

In this approach, provide incentives to consumers for referring or inviting friends. Don’t forget to share credits between both sender and receiver, ¬†because the sender should feel like he’s doing something for the receiver too by inviting him.

This is especially useful for consumer facing business, like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon. This will create brand awareness in targeted consumer base. If your business is targeted to youths or women centric then this approach goes very well. Type of credits depends upon your targeted segments. If you are targeting college youths then offering movie tickets might also help you ūüôā

The picture shows how Snapdeal uses this approach, by offering cash prizes for referring friends.

2. Give access to extra features of product for referrers

This is  useful in spreading a word for your product through existing user base.

In this approach, devise a feature set to offer to users  but make sure that  features should be compelling to users and make him greedy to invite new users.

Dropbox is the prime example of this , which offers extension of storage space by inviting and converting new users.

3. Build follow/unfollow model

This approach is helpful to get new customers by fan following of existing customers. Naturally human tendency is to look at what’s happening around, so this approach would be useful for product where users follow each other and shares the product features/content.

For Ex: Twitter , Here users will follow different users which in turn will generate strong user base of product and attracts new customers because of large spread network of product service.

AppBrain: here customers use different Android apps and their activities are getting shared with followers. This way user could refer to different apps with their followers and hence spreading of apps work,  in turn AppBrain spreads!

4. Build embeddable part for your product

This is one of the best methods for viral spreading of your product. This is not possible with every product, but still if you could make an embeddable component of product it helps a lot.

For ex: SlideShare provides a way to embed there presentations anywhere on web. This would help users to showcase slides not only from SlideShare site but they could also embed anywhere like blogs. Same like slide share , YouTube videos also could be embedded anywhere on web.

5. Offer spicy content

This could be useful  for products where need to attract consumers and also not fall into 4th category. By creating spicy content like video or sharing of contents regarding trending topics. In this approach , because of spicy nature and  trending situations, chances of sharing  such contents is very high.

This will create awareness about your product in large consumers base. This is mostly useful for consumer facing businesses  like e-commerce sites.

For ex: Quickr, Flipkart, Airtel, Videocon etc use the same approach. Their ads are very attractive which provides awareness of product.

Important point : Social sharing features plays crucial role in making a product viral . So make sure that at each approach explained above you should integrate social sharing components (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ ) in the product. Make your sharing workflow as smooth as possible, user should feel comfortable in sharing product and  try to innovatively prompt users for shares.

Now got the recipe?

Let’s start to build not only highly delicious but also Viral products.

[Guest article contributed by Amit Yadav, Co-founder and Business Head of DroidCloud.]

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