Smartphones users contribute 30% to WAP Ad Impressions [Admob]


Smartphones users contribute 30% to WAP Ad Impressions [Admob]

Admob served 488mn impressions from India (Feb 2009 data) and here are some interesting numbers from their Feb 2009 data

  • Nokia leads the device market (62.2%), followed by Sony (12.5%), Samsung (3.3%), Motoral (2.3%) and Others @ 19.6% (i.e unclassified impressions)
  • Nokia 3110c rules the handset model followed by N70
  • Smartphones cater to 30.2% ads served on Admob network (Nokia again leads with staggering 93% share, followed by ‘Unclassified devices (3%), Motorala (2%), and Apple (i.e. iphone @ 1%).
  • As far as OS is concerned, Symbian rules the chart (95%), followed by Windows Mobile (2%), iPhone (2%), and Linux (1%).
  • iPhone’s share stands at 1% – not bad, considering that Only 4,000 3G iPhone were sold in India?
  • Overall, India registered an increase of 7.5% in the traffic. (download the report)

What’s your take on these numbers? Some folks (from the trenches) tell me that porn sites rule the visited portals (Mobile Phone usage of Indians – Flirting, Porn) and that’s where ad networks are able to monetize.

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