WareOLog Brings Order management and fulfillment backend to ecommerce stores

As ecommerce industry in India grows, there is a need to have horizontal services that help ecommerce stores scale up without worrying about the backend (of delivery/fulfillment). Delhi based WareOLog is an order fulfillment service that aggregates orders from ecommerce sites and offers following services:wareolog

Sourcing : The company helps ecommerce stores in identifying vendors and sourcing process/logistics management

Aggregation of orders (for both intra and intercity delivery).

Warehousing : Dedicated store space and real-time inventory visibility to its customers, i.e. the ecommerce companies.

Pick’ n’Pack : Pick, Pack & Ship within 24 hours of Order Receipt including special handling services (package tracking from “Buy-button” to Doorstep).

Delivery: Sub 24-hour delivery timelines from the time of receipt of consignments.

WareOLog is started by professional from logistics, warehousing and financial background having practical on ground extensive experience in third party logistics operations and order fulfillment and currently manages backend for few NCR based ecommerce stores.

In short, the startup manages the entire backend infrastructure and as far as pricing is concerned, the company charges its customers on per-order basis, with no minimum commitment.

What about integration of order management services with ecommerce stores? Well, founder Amit Gupta shares that the WareOLog team is developing system (API based) wherein the API would be linked with client website. That is, as soon as order is placed WareOLog will get the intimation (currently, this is being done manually).

An interesting idea whose time has arrived?

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