Got Waste Paper? Ask Greenobin (Recycling Services Startup)

Waste management is a big opportunity in India and even companies like Nokia tried tackling the issue with it’s Take Back programme.

Having said that, only about 20% waste paper is being currently recovered annually in India – a dismal number, as compared to developed countries like Germany (73%), Sweden (69%), Japan (60%), Western Europe (56%), and USA (49%).

The basic challenge is lack of organized collection system for the waste paper (which goes through rag pickers, scrap dealers – passes several hands before reaching the paper mills)

Greenobin is a Gurgaon based startup that is focused on collecting paper waste and market the same to paper recycling plants for further use.

Greenobin’s services include:

  • Office Recycling
    GreenoBin manages the waste, recycling and collection of a wide range of office items and even conducts waste audit.
  • Security Shredding
    Secure Paper confidential waste management service destroys all your confidential material
  • Recycling Bins
    Helps you organise and manage your office recycling easily. Proper bins make sure that your recycling is sorted easily and security bins are available to keep any confidential waste secure until Greenobin collect it for security shredding.

The start will initially focus on Corporate/Offices, followed by School/Colleges and Households as primary customers.

Greenobin offers free service as well as Premium service (which includes training, customized bins etc).

What’s your opinion on this idea? Why are you not using a service like this?

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