BigFlix Wants to do NetFlix in India (again), Launches Subscription Based Movie-on-demand Service

BigFlix has launched online Movie on Demand service BigFlix plus, which lets the user just click and play a catalogue of over 500 movies at a subscription fee across PC, Tablets and Mobiles.bigflixplus

The service allows the user to stream and download HD (High Definition) quality content for a subscription fee of Rs. 249 per month by login on It provides high quality movie viewing experience to the movie buffs in India sans the advertisements, across all devices such as desktop, tablets, smart phones & connected TVs.

“We are looking at replicating a ‘NetFlix’ in India, In order to provide this world class experience, Reliance entertainment has hugely invested in developing the movies on demand ecosystem spanning across product, distribution & content.” [Manish Agarwal, Chief Operating Officer(COO) – Digital Business, Reliance Entertainment]

BigFlix plus offers an extensive HD Quality movie library across Hindi, English, and several Regional languages. The service is also available on iOS, Android, Connected TVs, Tablets and Mobiles so that subscribers can watch movies across devices irrespective of their location. An interesting move.


Now that BigFlix has shut down its DVD rental service and is focusing only on Internet-only users, they are limiting the audience(i.e. their TG is only those who have Broadband connectivity, i.e. ~14mn users) . Further, being a subscription based service – they are competing with Youtube which has taken ad-driven approach for Bollywood movies (+ Yahoo India’s MoviePlex). Though BigFlix has a partnership with Airtel, unless they bring fresh content – I am not really sure what’s the core differentiator of this service (question: Do we have enough broadband pipes to enable a digital Bollywood economy?).

Just to make a point, BigFlixPlus shows ‘Bodyguard’ movie in the upcoming section, while its already available on Youtube India (important to note that it’s BigPictures production) – so what’s in for a user to pay for subscription fee, unless bundled (and discounted) with one’s broadband connection?

What’s your take?

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