Watch Budget 2012 Live on Youtube

Like last year, Google has partnered with CNBC TV18 for live streaming of Union Budget 2012, which will streamed on CNBC TV18’s Youtube channel (March 16th).

State of Online Video in India

When it comes to consumption, India holds #3 position and  most of the video consumption in India happens from offices (read our earlier report: Online Video Consumption–India Holds the Number 3 Position Worldwide). But will Indians take the online route for content production? Initiatives like these probably help, but are brands gearing up to use videos for advertising/reaching out to the consumers? That’s precisely the challenge with the current state of the industry (read: State of Online Video Industry in India [Video Ad Inventory Is Sold As Display Ad Inventory]).

Although there are many video ad networks, their ability to give good inventory fills and yields are suspect. The main reasons for the same are

  • They are trying to get ad budgets allocated from digital spends as opposed to TV spends
  • Because of the above mentioned reason they end up selling video ad inventory like a display ad inventory
  • They are limited to getting ads to one geography today i.e., if it’s an Indian ad network you would get ads only for India.

This monetization limitation makes content development, specific to this medium, very challenging for publishers and independent content creators. Also for the traditional content owner have not found the right set of service providers who would make their content ready for mobile and internet consumption and distribute them across the web and mobile access points. There are content networks like TAN, Rajshri, & Star TV out there in the market; however, they are limited in providing content only from their library which makes their reach very limited.

Online Videos: As per a comscore study (Jan 2011), 7 of 10 Indian Web Users Watch Online Video in a month, led by Youtube.

“30.2 million Internet users age 15 and older watched online video in India from a home or work location, with an average viewer consuming 58 videos and watching 5 hours of video content during the month. Google Sites ranked as the top online video viewing destination in India across several metrics. More than 23.5 million viewers watched a total of 785 million videos on Google Sites, with viewers averaging 1.7 viewing hours during the month. Viewership at Google Sites was mainly driven by which accounted for 780.7 million videos, representing 44.5 percent of all videos viewed in India in January. ranked second with 6.6 million viewers and 30.1 million videos viewed, followed by Metacafe in third place with 3.9 million viewers. India-based properties Network 18 and India Ltd. both ranked among the top 10 largest video properties reaching 1.2 million and 861,000 viewers, respectively.” [link]

Recent developments in India Online space:

– Zee TV launched Ditto TV, its foray in OTT segment.

–  Popular reality show, Indian Idol goes online for audition

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