Thank You For Ruining The World Cup. Your’s Truly, An Angry Online Viewer


Thank You For Ruining The World Cup. Your’s Truly, An Angry Online Viewer

We recently cut our cable television connection. The logic was simple, we watch very little TV and what we wanted to watch was online anyway.

But yesterday, we realized that all said and done, Internet is still far far away from giving you television like viewing experience.

As you know, the world cup kicked off last night. We decided to watch the mother of all sporting events online. We have high speed internet and didn’t mind paying a little money for a decent live stream.

Big mistake.

After going through countless click bait posts that promise you to show “world cup 2014 live,” you finally find out that the game is being streamed live only on Livsports. Not complaining yet.


You log on, pay Rs 120 for the entire season and sit back, waiting to be amazed at the HD quality video that’s promised. Only to realize moments later: What an effing disappointment.

First of all, the website crawls most of the time. Like the irctc website during tatkal rush. It would throw up a server error every now and then.

fifa 2.1

Once the match began, things stabilized a little. But hey, what’s with the video player? Where are the buttons to control the video quality? It must be somewhere.

After searching for a bit, you find out that the flash based player had those buttons– only, they didn’t render properly. So it was like playing minesweeper for the next few minutes, trying to figure out where to click so you could adjust the quality of the video.

fifa 3

Meanwhile, football history is being made. Ten minutes into the match, Brazil scored its first ever own goal in the history of World Cup. And you are still unaware, till you realize that there’s a bloody lag in the video!

Are you kidding me? It’s world cup and you are watching the game one minute behind the world?

Fifa 4

Alright, now that you know that you’ve been sold a lemon, you decide to find out what else is wrong. The count down on the website was a full 11 hours behind! Beat that.

Every time you change a setting, you have to go through a 30 second advertisement. That is, besides the ads they show you during the program.

Really, why? The television guys get to watch it with fewer ads and better quality.

Oh and don’t even talk about quality. What was purportedly HD, was not even close to it. See that screen grab? DOS games used to look better. And you pay extra for this?

Thank your for ruining the world cup for us Sony.

Your’s truly,

An online viewer & Brazil fan.




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