Watch Bollywood Movies, Trailers on Deykho Bollywood [App of the Day]

Deykho is Bollywood is a video magazine app for the iPad. The app carries free full length movies, trailers, songs, news channels, gossip channels, kids, cooking and many many more.

The app has been developed by Pradeepta Dash (the CEO of and most recently was the lead engineer behind the Flickr app for iPhone.)

Pradeepta shares following stats regarding Deykho App:

1. Within 24 hours of launch, Deykho has breached the top 200 all time free apps on the Indian AppStore.
2. #23 on the Entertainment category in India.

Deykho Bollywood App Details:

Operating System(s): iOS
Pricing Free
Available in App Store: iPhone App Store
Supported Phone: iPad, iPhone, ipod

App Download Link

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