Watch IPL – III on Youtube for Free [Live Streaming]


Watch IPL – III on Youtube for Free [Live Streaming]

IPL Season 3 is on and there are reports that IPL Season 3 will be live streamed on YouTube (update: the deal is confirmed).

BCCI will announce the deal with Google India on Wednesday

While Multi Screen Media (formerly known as Sony Entertainment and the company that owns SET Max, which airs IPL) holds the satellite telecast rights, the global media rights are held by World Sports Group (WSG), which implies BCCI cannot sell the new media rights to any other company. According to sources, WSG’s rights only include telecast rights – BS

IPL Season Delhi Daredevils
IPL Season Delhi Daredevils

The details of the deal is not yet known (rev share deal?), but this will surely impact the pageviews of Yahoo India Cricket/Cricinfo and other Internet properties.

What’s your take?

[Update: The deal is confirmed: Google India/Youtube Grabs 2 years Exclusive Web Rights to IPL]

Question : How much of ‘you’ is currently present in YouTube? (reference: UGC)?

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