Guide: How to enjoy the Olympics 2012 online?

For the rest of us poor souls stuck working here, there are tons of options to keep a tab on the games and enjoy it from the comfort of our office cubicles.

Like any good sporting event London Olympics 2012, has had its fair share of controversies. From the Organizing Committee’s (OC) decision to give the exclusive right to McDonalds to sell french fries at the Olympic venues to banning of 3G and Wi-Fi hotspots at all the events. The controversies just manage to escalate with the latest banning of a Greek athlete for her racist tweet.London_Olympics_2012_logo

But as the event begins, now is the time to sit back and enjoy the games with families and friends and cheer for one’s favorite teams. For those spoiled brats, whose bosses gave them a paid leave to go to London to enjoy the games, have fun. For the rest of us poor souls stuck working here, there are tons of options to keep a tab on the games and enjoy it from the comfort of our office cubicles.

Official Streams

The event is pretty solid in terms of its social media engagement and keeping a tab on the latest and the upcoming event is pretty easy. The official Youtube channel does a fabulous job of live streaming of all the matches and the best part is that it is free in 64 countries of the world, which does include our beloved India.

For those of you who would prefer the tweet to a live stream, the official twitter account to follow is @London2012, with individual twitter accounts for all the sports, there is now no chance of missing out on your favorite sport. Those looking for some Facebook love for their Olympic spirit, the official Facebook Page is this and for other miscellaneous details including schedules for the event or the medal tally, official website does a pretty good job of that.

Watch Olympics 2012 Live
Watch Olympics 2012 Live

Watch Olympics 2012 online: Alternative Options

The good old Doordarshan is still around and it will be covering the Olympic events on DD Sports and DD National. Now is a good time to scrounge through the under belly of your dth service to find them. The fact that both these channels are free-to-air makes them all the more enticing and you can also view both the channels for free online by clicking here or here.

Apart from Doordarshan, BBC is also a healthy alternative. Its official Olympic apps for iOS and Android has live streaming, medal tally, highlights and a host of other features that make it a worthwhile option. The only downside being that it is restricted to UK, but a dose of VPN service and it should be good to go.

This curated list of who and who of the sporting world does a fine job of suggesting tweeps for the Olympics and this chrome extension helps keep a tab on the scores. Now with everything set and done, there is no excuse to not enjoy the games and if you have your own personal favorite way to enjoy the Olympics, do let us know.

Oh wait, watch this special theme song composed by the noted music composer Shantanu Moitra and lyricist Swanand Kirkire titled “Aap Agar Saath Hain. Tou Jeet Bhi Saath Hai” to cheer up for Indian team:

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