Water Powered Auto Rickshaw [Innovation]

Students from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore have developed an inexpensive and simple retro-fit kit for auto rickshaws, that can simply power an auto rickshaw from the most abundant commodity in the world, i.e. water!

The kit performs hydrogen enhancement of conventional fossil fuel, produces hydrogen and oxygen which is the most necessary element for combustion and can be customized as per the needs of the driver.

Supported by the college trust and Bosch India, the estimated price for the kit would be around Rs. 4,000 (source).
This is innovation at it’s best – just that we hope ‘somebody’ takes the idea commercially and ideas like these do not end up just as a student project.
What’s your opinion on this kit? How feasible is this idea commercially?

Earlier, RVCE Students built a super fuel efficient car with mileage of Rs. 200Km/L.

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