WAY 4: Become an artist

Briefly close your eyes and for three or four seconds think of ‘breakfast’. What images come into your mind? Bacon sandwiches? A bowl of cornflakes? Muesli? Sausage and egg? Deep fried Mars Bar with curry sauce and chips? Be honest, did you think solely about the word ‘breakfast’ and see it written in black on a white background?

People think in pictures. when it comes to our five human senses (the others being hearing, taste, touch and smell), sight is the dominant one in relation to the speed with which we receive and process information. So when it comes to how you communicate with others, how intentional are you in creating pictures in people’s minds?

You’re about to discover some simple and practical ways to become an artist and paint pictures in people’s minds … and you won’t even need a paintbrush to do so.


1. Slides

2. Props

3. Use visual language

4. Illustrate your point

5. Turn figures into pictures.

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