We are Hiring UnCool People

Pluggd.in is growing at a rapid pace and we are hiring to augment our growth.

We are hiring full-time writers in following segments:

  • Startups/Entrepreneurship/Investment.
  • Gadgets/Tech toys.
  • Telecom/VAS/Mobile/Internet world.
  • Enterprise Software/SAAS etc.

Why UnCool? Because we need serious business plus technology writers who will cover some of the boring segments like enterprise software etc.

Basic rules are:

  • Bring passion/insights to the table. You should be the curious soul, hungry to prove yourself (again and again).
  • You can write and can write regularly. In the past, we have received more than 100 applications, out of which very few individuals were actually interested in writing regularly [you can always contribute as guest authors].
  • Location is no big-deal. You can be in any part of the world as long as you have Internet connectivity.
  • These are paid positions and will be driven by commitment.
  • You need not be from journalism background. Infact, we generally aren’t so keen on people with journalism background.

In order to apply, send us an email (along with a sample article, interest areas) to ashish at NextBigWhat.com.

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