We are not a social network, says Yahoo India

Earlier, Indian government gave nod to prosecute Google, Yahoo and Microsoft and 18 other sites for allegedly promoting enmity between classes and causing prejudice to national integration. The government had earlier asked ‘social networking’ companies to screen content manually.

Yahoo has now filed a written statement that it is not a ‘social networking website’and for no fault of its own should be condemned to undergo a long down trial due of including Yahoo amongst other social networking sites and holding it responsible for offences allegedly committed by other social networking websites (via)

“The Defendant No:5 [Yahoo] has needlessly, and for no fault of its own been, condemned to undergo a long-drawn trial due to the mistake of the plaintiff [Qasmi] of bunching the defendant with other ‘social networking websites’ and holding the defendant also liable for the offences allegedly committed by other ‘social networking websites.’ The defendant is primarily a content portal offering e-mail and messenger communication services but not offering features generally associated with social networking websites,” [source]

Of course, we all know that Yahoo isn’t a social networking site – they closed all of their social initiative (latest one being Spotm) long time back and the entire UGC (user generated content) is very limited to services like local search reviews etc.

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