Road ahead for we need your inputs/feedbacks

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Road ahead for we need your inputs/feedbacks

We need your inputs/feedback in defining the “road ahead” for

We are conducting a poll to understand what else do you want us to cover.

The options are (you can select multiple answers):

  • Cool technology products (from around the www)
    Analysis of latest products – be it from the biggies or startups.
  • Coverage of India Business
    – i.e. more detailed analysis of different sectors (and not just IT). Here, we would like to conduct financial analysis (of M&As/valuations) as well.
  • Daily dose of news/updates on Digital India/Mobile related news
    I have been covering weekly and mid-week buzz – but how about daily buzz? Early morning buzz with a cup of coffee (buzz is free, coffee will cost! 🙂
  • Discussion on Indian ads
    Slightly offbeat, but a personal favorite! How about taking an ad and analyze that – pros/cons/areas of improvement etc?
  • Anything else that you would want us to cover (and is not in the list)
    Leave your suggestions in the comments section or send me an email.

It would be great if you guys could spare a few minutes of your time (5 minutes) and participate in the poll (top right side of the site)

You can also send me your answers via email (

I really look forward to your suggestions! Show us the path !


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