“We started a similar business in 1999, went bust and restarted in 2006” – Startup @UnPluggd


“We started a similar business in 1999, went bust and restarted in 2006” – Startup @UnPluggd

A lot of folks have been calling about the list of speakers for UnPluggd event.

At UnPluggd, our core focus is to bring to you some of the most candid conversation from startup founders. Be it about the mistake they committed to the leap of faith, UnPluggd will bring fresh perspective to entrepreneurs.unpluggd - event for entrepreneurs

A few snippets

“We started a similar business way back in 1999, went bust and restarted in 2006.

..If you can figure out your business model on Day 1, don’t do it. Either somebody else has done it to death or it’s too small a thing for one to do. There has to be unanswered questions.

..The challenge we faced pitching to Cybercafes was (and this is something every startup faces when they approach their first customer)

“Why would I trust a company, if you are the CEO and you are coming and pitching to me. I know that your company ends right here (you are the guy and you are the company)”.

– Rudrajeet Desai, Founder of Ideacts [a startup that serves ~10 million Internet sessions/month].

“We didn’t plan the retail/consumer service!  TringMe was actually meant to be an enterprise service. And now, TringMe serves 22 million calls a month even though we never ever actively marketed the service.

…It is funny that as a technology startup from India, we faced hurdles selling the solution to other startups, while our solution is being used by MIT Labs and several big companies.”

– Yusuf Motiwala, Founder of TringMe.

» Check out the List of Speakers [session details to follow].

Sounds interesting? Expect more of such real challenges/real stories from some of the companies who have achieved certain traction in the market.

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