How I Turned My Biggest Weakness Into My Greatest Strength And Became An Entrepreneur

Sometimes, Your Weakness Is Your Strength
Sometimes, Your Weakness Is Your Strength

[Editorial notes: Entrepreneurship is largely about exploiting your strength. But then, some exploit their weaknesses and convert that into strength! Here is a great piece by an entrepreneur, who requested anonymity.]
I am an entrepreneur and I believe that I became one because of my weaknesses. If you will look at my greatest strengths probably most of them have stem out because of a big weakness.
Here are some of my weaknesses and the corresponding strengths I developed-

  1. Low-Vision = Studious

I had a very low vision which allowed me to see the black-board only from the first bench. This situation made me a studious student and I cracked the so-called toughest exam of the country.

  1. Even lower vision = All-rounder

I lost about 50% of my vision just after clearing the exam thus making it impossible to see the black-board even after sitting on the first bench. So in college, I stopped being a studious student and became a back-bencher instead. I did everything from guitar to dance to movie making to entrepreneurship.

  1. No money = Operationally profitable business

In college I had little money but I wanted to start something. So, I started my Pvt. Ltd. company in my 2nd year at college with a concept which required very little investment and which could become profitable very soon.

  1. Bad-at-lying = Honest Culture

Lying did not come naturally to me and I was bad at it. So, we created an honest culture in the company because of which our vendors/partners actually gave more business to us.

  1. Small Category = Big Player

My company is not in the biggest category. Thus, quite soon enough we became the biggest online player in the category.
As it is said, it was Ravana who made Ram for what he was. Without Ravana, Ram might just be a nobody. It might be very revealing if you too can look back and see if some of your strengths are borne from a weakness. If they are, then consider that this is a great hack to find and build the strengths.
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