Sony has designed an innovative air conditioner called ‘Reon Pocket’ that you can wear with your clothes. The company says it has implemented the Peltier effect for this portable AC – a mechanism used in car and wine coolers traditionally. A user can wear this via a special undershirt and cool air is released through a small rear panel.

Currently, the compatible undershirt is available in three sizes for men only. Supported by a lithium-ion battery, the device can last for 90 minutes with two hours of charging. The device can also connect with Bluetooth 5.0 LE enabled phones for app-based temperature control.

The crowdfunded project has so far raised close to 29 million yen and the target amount is 66 million yen. The total cost of the portable AC including the compatible undershirt is 14,080 yen, which is close to Rs. 9,000. While Sony hasn’t announced the product for anywhere else but Japan, perhaps if the crowdfunding is ultimately successful, we may end up seeing an international launch? Fingers crossed.


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