Wearable Sensors Can Soon Tell When You Are Getting Sick

Not just your heart rate or skin temperature, wearable sensors may soon help you keep track of your health and warn you of impending illness, a new study has found.

In a new study, 60 people wore devices that collected more than 250,000 measurements a day on things like heart rate, oxygen in the blood, activity levels, calories expended, sleep patterns and skin temperature.
After researchers got a baseline idea of normal readings for each person in the study, they looked for deviations from these typical patterns to see whether changes might be tied to new environmental conditions, illness, or other factors that can impact health.

The study demonstrated that, distinctive patterns of deviation from normal seem to correlate with particular health problems. Algorithms designed to pick up on these patterns of change could potentially contribute to clinical diagnostics and research.
However, the point to be noted here is, just because you can monitor some signs on your smartphone, doesn’t mean you can diagnose it yourself. You should still make sure, to consult your doctor.

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