10 metaverse jobs that will exist by 2030


As the Metaverse slowly becomes a widely accepted idea, we're going to need a lot more brainpower.

The job of Metaverse Research Scientist won't simply entail developing a few basic digital models of the real world within which corporations will be able to bring customers and partners.

What Metaverse Research Scientists will need to build is something akin to the theory of everything, wherein the entire world is visible and actionable digitally.

One key thing they will need to concentrate on is interoperability, to ensure a Metaverse Customer is able to use their virtual items across different experiences.

A Metaverse Hardware Builder will need to assemble it and adapt it as the Metaverse becomes more complex.

As an added challenge, whoever builds the Metaverse's hardware will need to make sure they can be built cheaply and safely so that the metaverse doesn't become the sole plaything of the rich.