'365 Day: This Day,' starring Michele Morrone, based on the popular 2020 film '365 Days,' premiered today.

The film, directed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes, is based on  one of Polish novelist Blanka Lipiska's profoundly sensuous bestselling  novels.

The hot chemistry between Sicilian mafia boss Massimo (Michele Morrone)  and Laura will be featured in the film once more (Anna-Maria Sieklucka).

The first film ended on a cliffhanger, leaving audiences wondering whether or not the two of them would marry.

According to the new teaser, their union will undoubtedly go a place,  but Laura will soon be joined by a newcomer named Nacho (Simone  Susinna), who appears to have caught Laura's eye.

From April 27, 2022, at 12:30 pm, the film Started streaming On Netflix.

The next section will also set the stage for the third segment. The  second part's plot is that Laura and Massimo have returned, and they're  better than ever.

The lovers' lives are complicated by Massimo's family ties and a mysterious guy competing for Laura's heart.