Hypersonix Launch Systems, an Australian aerospace engineering startup, is now trying to come up with a novel way to do so.

A faster than sound space plane that uses green fuel and is made of 3D printed materials.

The space vehicle is being manufactured by the firm in Sydney, Australia in partnership with the University of Sydney.

The one-of-a-kind plane is currently under production and testing at the engineering precinct of the University of Sydney's Darlington campus.

Once ready, it promises to solve two big issues with present-day spaceflight.

One, it will cut down on the carbon emissions produced during the take-off of a rocket.

Second, it will optimise the manufacturing process, using different materials on the periodic table as well as through new techniques for their use.

For this novel production, the start-up will be helped by the engineering team led by Professor Simon Ringer from the University of Sydney.

The team will produce parts for the fuselage and the scramjet engine for Delta Valid using advanced 3D printers.