7 States in India Report Omicron+Delta Recombinant Cases

Omicron+Delta recombinant virus was found earlier this month. New reports emerging freshly suggested similar cases were also detected from India.

Reports said Omicron+Delta recombinant Karnataka remains a hotspot with 221, followed by 90 in Tamil Nadu, 66 in Maharashtra.

33 similar cases were also found in Gujarat, 32 in West Bengal and 20 in New Delhi.

Omicron+Delta is a hybrid version of the coronavirus that combine genes from the Delta and Omicron variants, which was found by experts.

Deltacron’s story begins in mid-February when scientists at the Institut Pasteur uploaded a genetic sequence of the coronavirus that looked very different from previous ones.

According to the NHS UK, the symptoms of Omicron, Delta recombinant virus remain as they have been for most of the pandemic, but scientists are still monitoring it.

Source: LiveMint