8 Legendary Quotes From Shane Warne

Legendary Australian leg spinner Shane Warne has died of a suspected heart attack at the age of 52 on Friday. Here are some of his quotes to remember the cricketer.

Being in love with somebody is a wonderful feeling.

I have always tried to move on from disappointments as fast as I can.

To me, cricket is a simple game. Keep it simple and just go out and play.

You can't afford to live your life with regrets.

With Australians, we're saying we're going to win before we start playing and pretty much keep on saying that.

I'm proud of what I've achieved in cricket, as once I didn't think I was good enough.

Find a way to get back into the game, find a way to build a partnership, find a way to catch a ball, find a way to stop it.

I can 100 percent tell you that I have not gone under the surgeon's knife or had a facelift.