83' movie review: The greatest underdog story of all time

83 is a winner on pitch, on screen too. A must watch for those who witnessed the victory and for those who didn't as well.

Review by : Taran Adarsh (4.0/5)

83 is a well-made sport film, which will be received with seeti’s and taali’s from the audience and take them back to the era of India’s first cricket world cup win

Review by : PinkVilla (3.5/5)

83 is a competently made ode to the game of cricket and the team that made all Indians feel like champions

Review by : TheQuint(4.0/5)

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Upskill. Learn from the best.

Ranveer Singh disappears into  Kapil Dev even as each of Kapil’s Devils is given their own moment in this faithful recreation of India's 1983 World Cup win

Review by :IndianExpress (3.5/5)

You’ll be proud of Bollywood after watching this Kabir Khan-Directorial. You won't be able to stop yourself from clapping, laughing, or crying

Review by :India.com(4.5/5)

'83' is a feast for every Indian, as you'll relive an iconic chapter of Indian cricket with a sense of pride. Take your family and cherish the movie

Review by : DNA (4.5/5)

Kabir Khan & Ranveer Singh are going to make every Indian happy with this thrilling innings

Review by : FilmiBeat (4.5/5)

83 has all the giddiness and unsubtlety of a sugar rush Movie underlines everything but gets cricket right, is overwrought but joyful

Review by : Livemint (4.0/5)