Actor Mayank Madhur warns he'll sue Tejas creators over unpaid fees

Mayank Madhur, who claims to be a political advisor for the BJP and to have worked on the film 'Tejas', plans to take legal action against the producers.

He alleges that he was promised a role and associate producer acknowledgment, neither of which were fulfilled.

Madhur states that he helped secure shooting permissions for a number of locations, a task which had gone unresolved for two years.

He suggests the director later minimized his promised role, reducing it to a 1-2 minute appearance.

In the film 'Tiku Weds Sheru', Madhur claims that he was assured credit as an associate producer.

However, his contribution was instead recognized under 'special thanks'.

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Madhur is seeking legal advice to halt the release of 'Tejas' and is discussing the issuance of arrest warrants with multiple state authorities.