Amid the rising demands for the scrapping of the newly launched Agnipath recruitment scheme for the military, a senior Army officer on Sunday clarified that the programme will not be rolled back

Addressing a joint press briefing with the officers from the Indian Navy and Air Force, said that a number of casualties are reported just for health purposes from high-altitude areas.

The announcement of the officer came after the violent protests broke out in some parts of the country wherein incidents like stone-pelting and setting trains on fire were reported.

The officer informed in connection with the violence that the aspirants willing to join the forces will have to give a certificate that "they were not part of protest or vandalism" with 100 per cent police verification.

He further said that the Centre will start with the recruitment of 46,000 Army aspirants to 'analyse' the scheme.

He further said, "Our intake of 'Agniveers' will go up to 1.25 lakhs in near future and will not remain at 46,000 which is the present figure."

The top military officer also said the Agniveers will get compensation for Rs one crore if he sacrifices his life in service of the nation.