Ahmedabad's air pollution is emerging as a big threat to children's health.

The 18-month-long study found that of the 12,635 paediatric admissions, 2,682 children below six years of age - almost 21% - had reported respiratory disorders and infections due to air pollution.

The study found that around 30.6% of the 2,682 children were exposed to tobacco smoke.

Another 74.83% lived at a distance of less than 500 metres from the main road, thus exposing them to vehicle fumes; around 11.59% of children were affected by indoor air pollution.

Around 25% of the children were from economically weaker sections and lived in kutcha houses. Of these, the homes of 20% of the children had only one window.

Out of 2,682 respiratory admissions, 1612 (60.1%) were experiencing "wheezing disorders" while 1,070 (39.9%) were diagnosed with "non-wheezing disorders".

However, the annual average PM2.5 concentration in Ahmedabad was 80.27 micrograms per cubic metre.