“James Bond of India”

Ajit Doval Birthday

Current National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of India

Ajit Kumar Doval KC (born 20 January 1945) is a civil servant of the IPS cadre and the fifth and current Security Advisor to the PM , with the precedence equivalent to Cabinet Minister

Lets look at those instances when the National Security Advisor proved he is the James Bond of India

Mizoram Peace

He cleverly managed to get 6 out of 7 commanders of the Mizo National Front to his side. This move broke their back. Thereafter, peace was established in Mizoram

Played Vital Role In Surrender Of Kuka Parray And Troops

In 1990, Ajit Doval went to Kashmir and managed to persuade infamous militant  Kuka Parray, and his troops for becoming counter-insurgents

7 years undercover in Pakistan

Doval spent 7 years in Pakistan while working for RAW in the guise of a Muslim. He even mastered in Urdu and Pakistani history , culture and politics.

Release of 46 Indian Nurses

Doval flew to Iraq as a part of a top-secret mission, made contacts with bureaucrats in the Iraqi government and convinced the ISIS militants to handover the nurses safely 

Role in Operation Black Thunder

Doval worked as a rickshaw puller in the Golden Temple area and subsequently made contact with the militants inside the Golden Temple as an ISI agent

Negotiating with Hijackers of IC 814 in Kandahar

It was Ajit Doval’s deft handling of the situation and negotiation with the hijackers that prevented further loss of life and damage to the aircraft.

First Kirti Chakra for any IPS

He was given the Kirti Chakra for his services, a first by any Indian police officer. For his valuable intelligence to counter Golden temple militants