Actor Akshay Kumar has apologised to fans and well-wishers after people  on social media trolled him for appearing in an ad for Vimal Elaichi.

Many pointed out the ad could be seen as the actor promoting a tobacco product. From amused to offended, the voices are varied.

Most Twitter users said that Akshay Kumar, known for fitness, was endorsing a product owned by what is essentially a gutka brand.

"I'm sorry," the actor tweeted.


"I would like to apologise to you, all my fans and well-wishers. Your reaction over the past few days has deeply affected me.

While I have not and will not endorse tobacco, I respect the outpouring  of your feelings in light of my association with Vimal Elaichi. With  all humility, I step back," Akshay Kumar tweeted.

"I have decided to contribute the entire endorsement fee towards a  worthy cause. The brand might continue airing the ads till the legal  duration of the contract",He Said.