Albert Einstein Birth Anniversary

Know more about his discoveries and life

Born in Germany but never returned

Born in Germany but he didn’t live in the country for long. He stayed in Italy, Switzerland, and Czechia. After moving to US, Einstein never returned to Germany

How did he fell in love with Physics?

Albert Einstein fell in love with physics after his father gifted him a compass as a child

His first paper inspired by compass

Albert Einstein wrote his first paper at the age of 16 and his paper was inspired by his compass

His School-life struggles

Albert Einstein struggled with language and other subjects and so he left the school at the age of 15. He did well in Mathematics, Physics, Philosophy

Taught Maths and Physics

Albert Einstein first taught Mathematics and Physics to students. After failing to find work, Albert Einstein moved to pursue his Ph.D.

His famous formula: E=mc2

Albert figured out that matter – the tiny particles that make up everything in the world – can be turned into energy

General theory of relativity

Albert was the first one to put the whole thing together. He published the complete theory in 1915, where it wowed the world!

Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921

Albert and his discoveries were famous around the world. He continued working on theories until his death in 1955, aged 76.