Ante Sundaraniki Review: Nani, Nazriya Chemistry Makes it Watch Worthy 

By H.JanGra June 10, 2022

Natural star Nani's much-awaited film—Ante Sundaraniki released in theatres across the world today

The film is directed by Vivek Athreya. Ante Sundaraniki is produced under the banner, Mythri Movie Makers

Nani is known to pull off any role easily—be it comedy or action. And with Sundar's character in Ante Sundarinki, he steals the show. He gets into the skin of his character

Nazriya kills it in Leela's character, even though it is her debut film in Telugu but she has nailed it. Nazriya has pulled off emotional scenes pretty well.

Naresh, Rohini and rest of the cast do a decent job in the film.

Ante Sundarainki is an out and out family entertainer and tailor-made film for Nani fans.