Indian Army Launches Secure WhatsApp-like Chat App

The Indian Army has announced the launch of an in-house messaging app dubbed ASIGMA

The ASIGMA application will meet all "futuristic user requirements" with a simplified user interface.

App will hope to offer a more secure messaging network for internal usage, rather than external servers such as WhatsApp and Signal that are subject to privacy matters.

The app is developed entirely by a team of officers of the Corps of Signals of the Army.

ASIGMA app has been fielded on Army owned hardware and lends itself to lifetime support with future upgrades

App will not make its way to mainstream app stores.

Application is being deployed on the Army’s internal network as a replacement of the AWAN messaging application, which has been in service for the past 15 years.

ASIGMA has a variety of contemporary features including multi-level security, message prioritisation and tracking, dynamic global address book and various options to meet the Army’s requirements.