Bachchhan Paandey movie review: Go watch it!

Bachchhan Paandey has enough going for it to entertain both those who've watched the 2014 Tamil original, , as well as first-time viewers.

100% paisa-vasool treat . Akshay Kumar goes no-holds-barred with his swag while also subtly reminding discerning movie-buffs what a fine actor he is with his diction and body language.

Kriti Sanon, too, add another meaty role while Arshad Warsi, as always, doesn't surprise us one bit with his effortless coming timing.

The deviation from the serious tone to a dark comedy is more than welcome, particularly for the family audience during a festive release, as is the added backstory. Source: bollywoodlife

While funny, there was scope for more humour in the first half, and I'm hoping the second half does that.

Half-time verdict: Till now, Bachchhan Paandey is going along fine as a perfect festival watch for the entire family.