Balle Balle Land: Daler Mehndi’s Virtual Property in Metaverse

Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi now owns a land in Metaverse. He Buys it at an undisclosed amount.

According to reports, he is the first Indian to acquire land in Metaverse and has named it Balle Balle Land.

Daler Mehndi is planning to host Bollywood films and music concerts in his freshly bought Balle Balle Land.

Balle Balle Land has become the first land purchased on Metaverse in India, indicating a craze for metaverse among Indians.

A gigantic golden statue of the land's owner Daler Mehndi has been seen welcoming the visitors to his land.

The Singer has bought the land through the Metaverse platform PartyNite.

Source: India Today